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ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes
Breakdown Voltage
9.9 V
Clamping Voltage
16.2 V
Ipp - Peak Pulse Current
26 A
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 175 C
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 65 C
Number of Channels
1 Channel
Package / Case
Pppm - Peak Pulse Power Dissipation
400 W
Product Type
TVS Diodes
Termination Style
Vesd - Voltage ESD Air Gap
30 kV
Vesd - Voltage ESD Contact
30 kV
Working Voltage
8.9 V

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Thanks for your feedback!

packed pretty good, all is ok,-seller.

Good product. Very small and well built. Ii is not produce any kind of. nterferences RFi. Quick delivery

goods delivered was отслеживался very fast (башкирию 7 days) excellent дошло seller in excellent condition all recommend!!!!

Thank you for the help in the selection of the correct driver, connect, works, not heated perfectly!

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