LTC4368 100V UV/OV and Reverse Protection Controller with Bidirectional Circuit Breaker

Product DetailsThe LTC4368 protects applications from power supply voltages that may be too high, too low, or even negative and from overcurrent faults in both forward and reverse directions. The LTC4368 controls the gate voltage of a pair of external N-c

MAX20323 USB Type-C CC-Pin Overvoltage Protector

Product DetailsThe MAX20323, MAX20323A, MAX20323B, MAX20323C, MAX20323D, MAX20323E, MAX20323F overvoltage protectors feature internal overvoltage threshold and surge protection to turn off the switches and prevent damage to USB type-C CC/SBU pins.The devi

LTC4246 30mΩ RON 12V Octal Electronic Circuit Breaker with SPI Interface

Product DetailsThe LTC4246 contains eight switches, each with an independent circuit breaker function. It is particularly well suited for extremely space constrained designs. Each switch can operate completely autonomously or be arbitrarily grouped with o

LTC4249 65V Dual Electronic Circuit Breaker with Current Monitors

Product DetailsThe LTC4249 dual electronic circuit breaker (ECB) provides independent overcurrent protection to a pair of loads. Each channel has a precision enable input, current monitor output and ready status output. A single resistor configures the EC

LTC7051-1 SilentMOS Smart Power Stage in 5mm × 8mm LQFN

Product DetailsThe LTC7051-1 monolithic power stage fully integrates high speed drivers with low resistance half-bridge power switches plus comprehensive monitoring and protection circuitry in an electrically and thermally optimized package. With a suitab

MAX6391 Dual-Voltage µP Supervisory Circuits with Sequenced Reset Outputs

Product DetailsThe MAX6391/MAX6392 microprocessor (µP) supervisory circuits provide sequenced logic reset outputs for multicomponent or dual-voltage systems. Each device can monitor two supply voltages and time-sequence two reset outputs to control

ADM6819 FET Drive Simple Sequencer™ w/ Fixed 200ms Delay

Product DetailsThe ADM6819 andADM6820are simple power supply sequencers with FET drive capability for enhancing N Channel MOSFETs. These devices can monitor a primary supply voltage and enable/disable an external N-channel FET for a secondary supply. The

ADM1185 Quad Voltage Monitor and Sequencer

Product DetailsThe ADM1185 is an integrated, 4-channel, voltage monitoring and sequencing device. A 2.7 V to 5.5 V power supply is required on the VCC pin to power the device.Four precision comparators monitor four voltage rails. All comparators have a 0.

MAX4822 +3.3V/+5V, 8-Channel, Relay Drivers with Fast Recovery Time and Power-Save Mode

Product DetailsThe MAX4822–MAX4825 8-channel relay drivers offer built-in kickback protection and drive +3V/+5V nonlatching or dual-coil-latching relays. Each independent open-drain output features a 2.7Ω (typ) on-resistance and is guaranteed

MAX4896 Space-Saving, 8-Channel Relay/Load Driver

Product DetailsThe MAX4896 8-channel relay and load driver is designed for medium voltage applications up to 50V. This device is offered in a 20-pin, 5mm x 5mm TQFN package, resulting in substantial board space savings.The MAX4896 8-channel relay driver o

LTC4413 Dual 2.6A, 2.5V to 5.5V, Ideal Diodes in 3mm × 3mm DFN

Product DetailsThe LTC4413 contains two monolithic ideal diodes, each capable of supplying up to 2.6A from input voltages between 2.5V and 5.5V. Each ideal diode uses a 100mΩ P-channel MOSFET that independently connects INA to OUTA and INB to OUTB.

MAX5079 ORing MOSFET Controller with Ultra-Fast 200ns Turn-Off

Product DetailsThe MAX5079 ORing MOSFET controller replaces ORing diodes in high-reliability redundant, parallel-connected power supplies. Despite their low forward-voltage drop, ORing Schottky diodes cause excessive power dissipation at high currents. Th

LTC3226 2-Cell Supercapacitor Charger with Backup PowerPath Controller

Product DetailsThe LTC3226 is a 2-cell series supercapacitor charger with a backup PowerPath controller. It includes a charge pump supercapacitor charger with programmable output voltage, a low dropout regulator, and a power-fail comparator for switching

ADP198 Logic-Controlled, 1 A, High-Side Load Switch with Reverse Current Blocking

Product DetailsThe ADP198 is a high-side load switch designed for operation between 1.65 V to 6.5 V that is protected against reverse current flow from output to input. A load switch provides power domain isolation thereby helping to keep subsystems isola

MAX16054 On/Off Controller with Debounce and ±15kV ESD Protection

Product DetailsThe MAX16054 is a pushbutton on/off controller with a single switch debouncer and built-in latch. It accepts a noisy input from a mechanical switch and produces a clean latched digital output after a factory-fixed qualification delay.The MA

LTC2955 Pushbutton On/Off Controller with Automatic Turn-On

Product DetailsThe LTC2955 is a micropower, pushbutton on/off controller that manages system power by generating a clean enable output from the supply monitor input and the debounced pushbutton input. It features an interrupt output that notifies the syst

LTC4420 18V Dual Input Micropower PowerPath Prioritizer with Backup Supply Monitoring

Product DetailsThe LTC4420 is a dual input monolithic PowerPath™prioritizer, with low operating current, that provides backup switchover for keeping critical circuitry alive during brownout and power loss conditions. Unlike diode-OR products, little

LTC4419 18V Dual Input Micropower PowerPath Prioritizer

Product DetailsThe LTC4419 is a dual input monolithic PowerPath™prioritizer with low operating current, that provides backup switchover for keeping critical circuitry alive during brown out and power loss conditions. Unlike diode-OR products, little

MAX5922 +48V, Single-Port Network Power Switch For Power-Over-LAN

Product DetailsThe MAX5922A/B/C is a single-port network power controller with an integrated power MOSFET, operating from a +32V to +60V supply rail. The device is specifically designed for power-sourcing equipment (PSE) in power-over-LAN applications and

LTC4257 IEEE 802.3af PD Power over Ethernet Interface Controller

Product DetailsThe LTC4257 provides complete signature and power interface functions for a device operating in an IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) system. The LTC4257 simplifies Powered Device (PD) design by incorporating the 25k signature resistor,

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